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"So how do we get there from here? For me, I cast my glance around in other directions and the quickening of my own heartbeat indicates the direction of my next step in my journey. Follow the pulse of your own enthusiasm and you will discover that that which you have always been looking for has always been looking out through your own eyes, has always been present in your own heart, has always kept your Path lit before you, has always honored every choice you have ever made, has never been separate from you except through the manipulations of your own beliefs. It is in the realization of what we have done to/for ourselves (and each other) while following what we were taught to believe was our individual and unique Paths that we begin to experience real compassion. In experiencing this compassion we discover that no other journey in existence could have produced that which we have become through our embodiments of the 'truths' of separation and limitation. Wholeness is immeasurably richer for our experiences. This is the nature of Evolution. We have undertaken this journey not for ourselves but to assist Wholeness in its' own evolution, its' own 'Becoming.' Of course, as Wholeness evolves we do, too, but that's just frosting on the cake."

To stimulate and support the Universe in the fullest embodiment and expression of Wholeness is the only calling. There is no greater gift you can give than to allow the sharing of the Joy and Light and Love of Wholeness as it reflects in the mirror of you...

The experiential reality of this perspective is a bit different. At its grandest "point of focus," it is live in those places where humans are going, where they are and where they've been, all at the same "time." This knowingness colors one's perceptions, one's pictures of reality. It is possible to "see" things quite differently than most humans and that is perfectly fine for everyone because here is the reality anyway: it is for us to see what we see and for you to see what you see. We will never see what you see and you will never see what we see. Same as we will never know what you know and you will never know what we know.

In the space held here, in this particular node of existence, it is possible for those who are called to come into entrainment with That Which is Calling. Entrainment is the process of coming into alignment with that Signature and allowing that Signature to express more purely and more fully through the mirror that you are. It is also possible to ignore all of this drivel and continue on about living your life in any way that you see fit and suffer no repercussions whatsoever from engaging (and not engaging) with any other choices. This perspective is "inclusive," and can't, by its very nature, be "exclusive": as individuated nodes of Consciousness, it is incumbent on all of us to do our best in emulating the Universe, and to simply accept all that is as it is, where it is.

No one is so poor as to have never tasted of their own Divinity

What is uttered in this space is for everyone; however, each has the right to their own time and depth of knowing. The space that is held here is simply a conduit, none of the "outlets" of which are of any more value than any of the others. The conduit only allows for communicational and experiential possibilities between/among certain focal points of particular consciousness profiles. If this is for you, it will resonate deeply in the heart of your being. If this isn't for you, it's not going to do anything for you, no matter how hard you try to "get it." For that matter, it is that very "trying" that defeats you. And if this really isn't for you, then acknowledge that and just "walk" away, because no amount of effort or aggression or violence or protest or misguided attempts at "understanding" on your part is going to make any amount of difference for you.

In this world, we are all unique equals, in every way, but among the general population, every possible and probable permutation of all the varying degrees of correctness is entertained and expressed. To be blunt: when moving into this space it is possible to always see individuals as being more than they think they are and more than they express as. However, the human we identify as is programmed to always "hope" for the more, for the better... and we have to learn to live with the resulting "disappointment." There is good in that in that it works to create a depth, a grander level of individual experience that can't be approached in any other way.

Know that you are loved and that you are indeed Love

Understanding can only be allowed, it can never be willed. And in that "allowing," whatever understanding you have will be truly your own, and yours only. Understanding is not something that can be forced on anyone or taken from anyone. Not by anyone. But you can choose to accept other people's lies as your own "truths," and take yet one more step further from That Which You Truly Are. It truly doesn't matter because each of us is completely and utterly safe in the arms of our own Spirit and whatever experience we have is the experience that Spirit wishes us to have. And our enjoyment or hatred of any experience is determined solely by the stand we take in consciousness as the experience unfolds. "I understand that I am that tiny, insignificant something standing naked in the face of the Universe, and I am also the Universe, and everything in between, at the same 'time.'" We each come to our own understanding of that... but this is the very heart of the paradox.


In this perspective, we see identity as being focal points, or nodes, in that consciousness profile. The identity that you are expressing as, in this place, has evolved to a certain point in its evolutionary cycle and is expressing as you. Depending on the level of that evolution, it may be possible for you to reach into more expanded levels of your consciousness profile and access greater levels of that which you will (and have already) become. For everyone, this is the way back Home. We get there by embodying and manifesting Home here. For some of us, it is time. That's what this is all about: the concepts, the perspectives, the technologies, the tools, the stimulation and support that are required to complete this job and move on to the next phase, the next life, the next planet, the next cycle, the next quantum step in evolution... And again, this is something that exists only through allowance, not through the use of personal will. It is the use of personal will that creates the illusory nightmare of separation and limitation that presently occupies the consciousnesses of the vast majority of beings on Planet Earth.

One of the concepts implied by this picture of reality is this:

The most expanded identity you can try on and wear is probably the most correct
correctness being measured in the expression of the flow of Grace through you.
Grace flows only from your Spirit,
your Spirit being the Wholeness of your consciousness profile,
your Soul being the Heart of that Wholeness

The sharing of these perspectives is not meant to convince you, convert you or console you. It is a sharing of observations and insights that might, perhaps, assist you in coming to your own understanding of your own journey in this life. Be for yourself and what you know to be true. Don't be against anyone else, in any way. Your very opposition gives your opposed great power over you. We don't want your power, we have our own. And what we have is the only power in all of existence: the power of our own Spirit(s). If you are reading this, you need all of your own power for yourself... and you know it. So what are you going to do next that is going to allow more of the expression of the power and joy and wondrousness of your own Spirit to flow into your own life? Be for that.

"Gaté, gaté, paragaté... Parasamgaté... Bodhi swaha!" to quote an old friend who has finally, after 2500 earthly years of suspension in the energetics of the Earth-Moon gravity well, allowed himself to move on.

And one more thing: "All propaganda has to be popular and has to adapt its spiritual level to the perception of the least intelligent of those towards whom it intends to direct itself. [And the least intelligent of those who believe will enforce the perspectives inherent in the propaganda.]" This quote (and paraphrase) explains so much of the history and thrust of global human society. It also explains why you may have a hard time with the words and concepts expressed on this site. Expressing as humans, we are embedded in "neurotypical" human society, here in 3D. Our conscious human existence has occurred primarily under many different interpretations and manifestations of the above quote. The path enumerated on this website is simply a path far less traveled.

Be the Light that you are unto yourself
Allow everyone else the freedom, and the right, to do the same

A lot of what is written on this page is meant to separate the wheat from the chaff. The intent is not to insult but to enforce the gravity inherent in that separation. You can't get what you can't get. Don't torture yourself (or anyone else) through your attempts to do something you can't do... If this isn't meant for you, it isn't meant for you. This is a window into another world and in that other world, you simply can't be who or what you aren't. And in that world, who and what you are is obvious...

If you have read this far then you are either very dedicated or very troubled. Either way, we hope to present materials on this website that may be helpful for you and, perhaps, help you to understand that you aren't alone, but, as in everything else in human life on Planet Earth, there are no guarantees...